Technology as Will Power.

Strong self-discipline, I believe, is a necessary ingredient of a successful photographer’s emotional make-up in order to be able to make interesting images over the long term.

Sadly, in many instances, strong self-discipline is something I only aspire to and it’s always the little things that bring me undone. Little catechisms like; “when is the best time to take a portrait photo with the camera in the portrait position? Immediately after shooting the picture in the landscape position”, don’t seem to help.

I know what I should do, and have known it for years, but still I keep banging away with the camera held horizontal, because that’s the way the trigger and focus buttons are easiest to use.

Normally this isn’t a problem, only a compositional irritant that manifests itself during post processing, long after the pictures have been taken .

But it’s becoming a problem now because I have to shoot 50 portraits over the coming months, preferably in the portrait position, therefore strong discipline is required, but in the excitement of a shoot things get forgotten and bad habits habitually resurge.

To solve the problem I’ve retreated to technology and bought a battery pack (in the film era it was called a motor/power winder) for my camera from a Chinese company. It comes complete with two batteries for the same price as one original battery from Canon (the Canon battery is also made in China), thereby getting double the amount of electricity plus the shutter and focus buttons are in the portrait position. All for the price of the spare battery I needed.

What can I say;

Technology does when will power won’t.

24mm, f4, 1/200sec, ISO400


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