Rethinking Positions

With a free day in front of me I thought I’d take the S-Bahn to Friedrichstraße and get some mental exercise by exploiting the new battery pack to shoot frames with the camera in the vertical position. It’s not that I never use the camera like this, just not for prolonged periods. Also, I’d never taken much notice on the compositional requirements when shooting vertical, it has always just been the format that that picture required at the time.

So today I conce­ntrated on how the compositional elements of the lenses differ shooting vertically from shooting horizontally. What soon became clear is that it’s much like shooting with a wide angle: more often than not there’s too much foreground or too much sky unless you get really close, which is why I tended to avoid shooting in this manner. Also, heavily ingrained habits are hard to control, even with technological help. All morning my brain kept demanding I return the camera to the horizontal position, only by conscious effort did I avoid doing this – most of the time.

The picture was shot with a focal length of 200mm

70-200mm, f4, 1/60sec, ISO100


3 thoughts on “Rethinking Positions

  1. Hi,

    I’d say you can put in a couple of more pictures in the post and weave around your theory with that group of pictures. This would help us readers in getting a better idea of the concept.



    1. sorry to be tardy in replying, I’ve been away on holidays, but I will give your idea some thought and re-look at the pictures from the day and see what I can do..

      this to make take little time because I am currently shooting a literature festival which means I’m busy most of the day and every night.

      all the best


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