Forward ever Backwards

It seems strange to me, but oddly I have begun to miss the routine of daily posting a picture.

I doubt that I miss it enough to once again set myself such a demanding routine because I have a bit too much to do with my portrait project. Nevertheless I would expect that posting a couple of times a week would be more fun than work, but that -I think- is because anything you don’t have to do is a lot more fun than what you have to do.

Not that shooting portraits is not interesting, but if that’s all I do it can become a bit restrictive and getting out and strolling the streets with a just a camera, unencumbered by the stands, tripod and flashes I use when doing portraits, is my idea of heaven.

This picture was shot in Den Haag with my first digital camera. At the time I hated the noise and worked hard to get clean images. Now with a full format sensor, noise has to be recreated in the computer, unless I’m shooting at the most outrageous ISO’s in very poor lighting.

So now that the large sensor supplies the noise free images I thought I wanted I’v become nostalgic for the grainy coarseness of what I once had.

It’s like the wise ones say, there is no pleasing some people.


50mm, f5, 1/6sec, ISO200


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