Permission to Shoot

After jumping through all the bureaucratic hoops permission was granted for me to shoot a portrait in the Berlin Museum of Natural Science on Wednesday.

It seemed like a wonderful location for a portrait and it does have a series of visually interesting backgrounds; however, there are so many different coloured light sources that getting the correct white balance  was often next to impossible.

I was allowed to use a tripod and a speed-light with a snoot, but because the museum was full of visitors I could only take in a small kit and it’s when you get into such places that you find out you need more things than you have with you. In this case it was a warming gel for the speed-light. The tungsten light in the museum creates a wonderful warm atmosphere to view the exhibits, but it is a nightmare to balance light temperatures when using flash to separate a person from the background.

In the end the officially sanctioned tripod  got the job done, but if you shoot in such a location, be careful, the bright spotlights play havoc with the auto focus.

35mm, f2.8, 1/10sec, ISO100


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