It Was Cold in Gdansk

We spent the last week in Gdansk, and it was cold. Oddly, before we went there I had followed Gdansk’s temperatures, which were within a degree plus or minus of Berlin’s. Prior to our departure the temperature in Berlin had been around -3/-4, which is cool but not oooh it’s so very, very freezing cold. But -4 in Gdansk is seriously cold, a cold that slides through the layers of clothes and chills you to the bone.

However, the sense of history that permeates the very fabric of the city makes it an interesting place to visit.

Old town is visually interesting and the European Solidarity Museum alone makes the trip worthwhile. Although the city itself is not really pretty, the shipyards supply a vista rarely seen elsewhere. Food and beer is inexpensive (we found a tiny Chinese restaurant that has great food but only seats 8 people), even in the tourist enclaves where we were, consequently we enjoyed our vacation but be warned, during the winter months it is very cold in Gdansk.


As an aside the cold played hell with my camera. After about an hour outside in the cold I began to get all sorts of weird things happening with the photos.

happening to the images.


28-300mm, f5.6, 1/400sec, ISO 125.


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