Complaints and Cold Reasons

Unusual for me, I have a real complaint I want to share with the world. For those who read my last post: you would have seen that we travelled to Gdansk and that I had camera problems due to the extreme cold as todays picture attests; however it isn’t the cold I want to complain about but invasive corporate marketing tactics.

We travel regularly and more often than not book our hotel through, so why would they alienate us with malware that directs almost all internet searches to their site.

It seems under the disguise as a Flash player update they – along with a virus cleaning program (the irony doesn’t escape me) surreptitiously placed two programs onto my computer. These programs first told me I needed to activate the virus checker because I had a malware problem and changed my web browser to one preloaded with Bookings preferences. It took me, a computer literate person, ten minutes to locate and get rid of all the shit, so it would take a novice a lot longer. That’s why I am telling everybody I know as well as those I don’t know to look for alternatives to,if for no other reason than you computers integrity.

I really hate this sort of marketing and believe the only way to stop it is to boycott companies that practice it. A quick search of the net will reveal that I am not alone in my antipathy for this companies behavior. I would go so far as to advocate that the person who suggested the idea and the manager who OKed it should be criminally prosecuted as vandals.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest, back to photography.

This picture is sort of comforting to me as it shows that even in the digital era where no chemical stains can bring surprise results a camera malfunction can throw something interesting into the mix.


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