Eastern Perspectives

In the first half of the last decade in the previous century I was in Prague for six weeks and naturally I visited the few galleries exhibiting photographs. Having recently thrown of the stupefying effects of foreign occupation, photography in Czechoslovakia was in the process of realigning itself with western style aesthetics; however, it had not historically had the same love affair with small format street photography that America had had.

The focus was on medium or large format pieces that explored the intrinsic beauty of the everyday, the tonal ranges between black and white and the way light creates form and dimension in a picture.

Both simple and complex at the same time, they tend to be quiet and meditative. Totally at odds with the freneticism of modern photography.

I have retained a long and enduring love for this type of work -, so much that when I once again picked up my larger format film camera, it was almost a fait accompli that I would begin with this style.

Bronica SQA, 80mm, 1/2sec, +1 filter, Classic Pan 200asa (10 years out of date) developed with Adox Rodinol, diluted 1/50 for 12 minutes


Pictorial Porridge

It has been tough finding something for today’s post. The mind just wasn’t working and motivation noticeably absent.

Today’s offering took a lot of teasing out and I’m still ambivalent about the result. It seems to work, but not really well. What I call a porridge image: it has all the elements of something reasonable but is bland and needs some extra intangible to give it some flavor. As you can see I thought an interesting border might do the trick, but it didn’t.

70-200mm, f4, 1/60sec, ISO320