Another Street Sign

With the way the talking heads in the media are ranting and frothing at the mouth about religious fundamentalism you would be pardoned if you thought it was a new phenomenon. Of course it’s not, the ebb and flow of violent pious beliefs is a historical fact.

One day’s crackpot is tomorrow’s martyr.

On a lighter note; a sure way of recognizing a photograph shot with a medium format film camera is the so-called waist-level shot – so named because the camera is held just above the waist and you look down into the viewfinder to focus and a fine example of what happens is this picture.

The picture was shot about 22years ago so it is also a fine example of the continuity of religious bigotry.

If there is one thing that I find exceptionally hard to understand it’s the large swaths of angry people who believe that their belief in a loving god demands that they abuse and persecute those who don’t have the same beliefs, when in fact such overweaning narcissism is an anathema to all religious teaching with the possible exception of Satanism.
Bronica SQA, 80mm, Kodak Tri-x, asa 400


Street Signs

Still with film in the land that time forgot.

Here is a little proof that the Catholic pedophile story was out in the open a long, long time before the early part of this century when the avalanche of abuse stories could no longer be ignored and the world was forced to take notice.

Like yesterday’s photo, this one was also taken in 1994, that’s about seven years before the Australian police and politicians caved in to public pressure and decided they could no longer ignore the fact that boys had been repeatedly abused by the clergy, who under the auspices of the courts had been operating as their legal guardians.

I met and talked to this man after I saw him three days in a row moving slowly up and down a street in Perth, Western Australia. He told me that he was being treated as a crank and trouble maker by the authorities, and while the police at first had tried to stop him from carrying his sign they had soon realized that due to lack of interest from passersby it was easier to just to ignore him.

Castledare, Clontarf, Bindoon and Tardun were all Catholic boys’ schools. All of them had been quietly closed by the 1970s without any priests being charged, that was to come later, much later.


Bronica SQA 80mm lens, Kodak Tri-x, asa 400.

Reality, Truth, both are Elusive

While having a chat to a friend and reader of the blog the topic of reality and recent posts on the subject arose. The problem as he saw it with the blog was that visitors to the page never saw what the original picture looked like, so the ideas were a little difficult to agree with because while I knew what to reference in the original photograph, but nobody else did.

I thought it was a valid point, although in relatively  a narrow context.

To right this I’ve posted a composite from the last two posts, the before and after if you will. You’ll notice that the elements on what I wanted to focus, the eyes, the hoody and the sign, were already integral parts of the originals picture, but not graphically interesting enough to be the center of attention. And isn’t that what photography is all about? Getting some ones attention for a short time to explain, to ask a question and on the rare odd occasion, to challenge us?

In the beginning photographs were about truth, it had to be there to be photographed, but that idea didn’t last long.

Reality and truth are much the same thing really, both are elusive.

The medium format borders surrounding the processed images are simple flatbed scans of film, scanned at the highest resolution possible, no special equipment is required.

Tomorrow’s post will be my last until after the Christmas festivities.