too good to ignore, but not needed at the moment

Today was an archive day, a day spent going through older photos searching for overlooked gems. I do this often, more to see what I was doing a year or so ago than anything else, plus revisiting pictures that had been post-processed but for which I’d found no use at the time. I have a large volume of pictures stored away that fit into a category I call too good to ignore, but not needed at the moment that I regularily revisit. Today’s picture was one I liked when I shot it, liked more after post-processing, but never found a use until today.

It has most of the elements of Dutch 17th-century paintings, with its pools of dark, dominant bright area and a gentle disappearing perspective. So it will come as no surprise to learn that it was shot in Warsaw towards the end of a day spent at the National Gallery where the art is classical and there are a lot of Dutch masters on display. Clearly what I had seen that day influenced the way I framed and photographed this scene, but isn’t that true of many things in life?

Now, with the distance of time, I can appreciate the beauty and restful stillness in the picture, and find a use for it.

50mm, f5.,1/125sec, ISO 125


One thought on “too good to ignore, but not needed at the moment

  1. Dear Sir
    I have been given your name by a relative of yours and believe you are travelling to Busselton and will be here at our next Camera Club meeting. I won’t give dates as I believe you know it. We were wondering if you could judge our prints on that night, the subject being Night Lights. Please reply by email. Thanking you for your consideration.


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